Illustrator Logo

For this illustrator assignment I chose to create my own logo for myself. I eventually want to design, build and customize cars; so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to come up with an idea for the company name and logo. I came up with the name “Dynamic Kustom”.

The word dynamic is often used to describe sports cars, and since that is what I would be mainly focused on, i decided that was a good name. The Kustom part  of the name came from customization, but I used a K instead of a C to make it look unique. I then chose Old English as the final font style, because the letters have a lot of moving lines, emphasizing motion. I then used the pen tool to draw the outlines of the car, leaving the back portion with flowing lines, to also show motion (dynamic). The last step i did was create a black oval to tie everything together, and then repainted the hidden things with a white brush.

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